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I had promised that I would never rush into marriage after having left London escorts, but it was exactly what I did. Joel was too much of a good catch and I could not see the wood for the trees. All I thought about was that he was this South African guy who bought and sold diamonds. The sort of many most girls at London escorts would dream of getting married me. The first couple of years were great. I loved spending my time in the UK during the summer, and in South Africa during the winter, But after that things started to go wrong. The first thing which went south as you say, was our sex life.

Joel picked up some sort of prostate problem which made it hard for him to get an erection. Yes, he could take Viagra, but it was not really romantic if I were completely honest with myself. I started to miss my friends at London escorts, but more than that, I actually missed my London escorts lifestyle. There simply was not much in this marriage for me.I soon realised that I had become one of those boring trophy wives I had heard so much about at London escorts.

When I bought my third dress for going out with my husband in a week. I really had to ask myself if my life was different from working for London escorts. I was on show all of the time, and was forced to go to various business functions several times every week with my husband. What was in it for me?After we had been married for four years, Joel announced that he wanted to give up on South Africa. It had become a dangerous place to travel to, and we had even been carjacked once.

I was not very keen on it neither, so we sold up and stayed in the UK all year. At first I thought it was going to make it worse, but it didn't. I started to meet my old friends from London escorts. It was nice to meet the girls and as we met up, the ideas started to flow. I felt that I wanted to do something with my life apart from wearing expensive dresses and before I knew it, the perfect solution would pop in my head. Today, I have sort of put my life with Joel on the back burner. He still travels in and out various African countries trading in diamonds.

When he comes home, we have a pretty good marriage and I feel less like a trophy wife. During my chats with my girls from London escorts, I came up with a business idea. I know have my own online and offline business selling hanging baskets. I did not know I was so good with plants, and business is booming. If it was not for my business, I think that I would have left the rather boring Joel some time ago. But then again, a girl can't have enough diamonds.

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I cannot say that I am always turned on when I got to bed with my boyfriend any more. We have been together for a long term, and I think that our sex life leaves a little bit to be desired. The honest truth is that we are always using the same position, and while I manage to achieve and orgasm every time, I cannot really say that I am that excited about it. Talking to my friends at London escorts, it is clear that many of the girls have the same problem. Mind you, I have this feeling that this is not only a problem that affects London escorts.

Some of my girlfriends outside of London escorts seem to have the same problem as well. They complain that they are sort of stuck in a rut when it comes to love making. I think it happens to all couples, and the gents that I meet at London escorts certainly complain about it. The thing is that it is not always easy to be creative when it comes to love making, and to be honest, I am not so sure that we can all get there without some professional help.

I love being naked with my boyfriend, but I wish that our love life was more exciting. One of the girls who used to work for London escorts has moved on and become a sex therapist. She has come up with some really good advice recently, and when you read her website, you can find out how you can make your life more exciting. It is not all about sex positions, she says, but surprises work well. I love being surprised, but I work long hours at London escorts, so it can be hard for my boyfriend to surprise me.

When my boyfriend and I first got together, we used to shag on the kitchen table all of the time. I loved it, and I used to scream with pleasure. It was a bit like a quickie, but it was so much fun. We seemed to have lost that, and part of that is down to the fact that we cannot get our working hours together any more. When I come home from working the night shift at London escorts, my boyfriend is often on his way to work. That is not easy at all, and I would love for that to change.

Most of the girls at London escorts are in the same situation as me. We work really long hours just because we are so busy at London escorts that it is hard to have a home life, or even a sex life for that matter. Yes, I would love to indulge in better sex with my boyfriend, but I cannot see how I am going to get around to that at the moment. It is hard enough trying to look after the flat and all of the other things that I need to do to stay on top of things. As a girlfriend that is not all i am and ,y  friends can be sexually frustrated. Sometimes we joke that we are escorts that want to be fucked and we laugh about that.

Her mom had warned her about going to the park past 7 pm. Alison loved going to the park at night when she was mad or wanted time alone to think. On this particular day, she went as usual, but two men suddenly appeared and grabbed her. She knew it was senseless to scream since the park was empty. A lot of thoughts crossed her mind, and she thought they would kill her, or kidnap her and ask for ransom from her poor mother.

As they led her to a waiting van, she couldn’t help to beg for her release. One man blindfolded her and threatened to kill her if she screamed. All Alison could do was cry and wish she had listened to her mom. After a thirty-minute drive, the van stopped, and the men led Alison to an empty abandoned house. She knew she was there to be raped, spanked or tortured. But to her surprise, the men were friendly and introduced themselves as Jack and Ben. Ben volunteered to make a fire as Jack tied Alison up on the bed and undressed her. Jack asked her age as he rubbed her feet and she trembled that she was nineteen. Both men smiled, it was long since they had fun with a teenager.

She was starting to love the foot rub, and the men could clearly see she was starting to relax. Jack went further and started rubbing her pussy. Damn it felt so good. Ben then came over and placed his cock in her mouth. Alison sucked and gagged on him like a natural. Her pussy was wet due to the petting Jack was giving her as he rubbed her clit in small circles, she sucked Ben's cock harder. Ben encouraged Jack to continue tormenting that clit since it was having a positive effect on the girl. Alison tried to fight the feelings, but her body betrayed her by having an explosive orgasm. The men had not expected Alison to react like that. Ben wanted his balls rubbed, so he untied her. With her hands caressing his balls and her mouth sucking him, he finally came on her breasts. Jack's cock was hard by just watching Ben cum. He rolled her on the side and took his throbbing cock and rubbed the tip of his prick up along her horny slit. Her stiff little clit was tickled by his cock and she moaned passionately. As Ben lowered himself deep into her pussy, Jack rolled over and started prying Ben’s ass hole. She had not realized the men were bisexual and seeing Jack touch Ben made her even hotter.The three fucked back and forth, and they were all horny, and their privates were on fire. Ben was enjoying being fucked by Jack and he would fuck Alison harder and play with her tits. It was an erotic, marvellous and mind-shattering moment for them. Jack licked Ben ears and started giving him encouragement. "Does it feel good? Mmh your ass feels amazing, fuck her pussy harder". Those words made Ben and Alison go lax, and Ben surrendered to Jack's beautiful cock. The three started fucking for dear life. Everyone had a desire to cum, and they were wild with passion and within minutes they all came together. The house was full of erotic squeals. The men's groans and grunts slowly subsided. Alison watched as Ben and Jack kissed passionately as she sat between them playing with their soft cocks, kissing them at the same time, she knew her sexuality had been awakened.

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