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My boyfriend was in to escorts now he’s into anime girls how do I compete

I met Winston about two years ago on a date that was booked through my workplace at London escorts. Our first date where he hired me was at a restaurant in West London. The restaurant was beautiful the food was amazing and I had the most delicious seabass dishes I’ve ever tasted. Winston I hit it off straight away we are both massive foodies and love seafood of all kinds. We had an amazing first date and it goes that saying that he became one of my regulars.


And unspoken rule amongst us girls at London escorts is not to fall in love with your client. I have to admit I broke that rule with Winston. I couldn’t help it he was just absolutely amazing we got on so well we finished each other sentences we had so many things in common it was hard not to feel a strong force of love towards him. When is dinner tell me that he’s really into dating London escort at London X City he enjoys the company the thrill and a variety than that gives him. You are not exclusive for a long time as I understood that he enjoyed hiring different escorts however he always made me feel like I was his special woman.


A lot of men are into hiring escorts and many of my clients who have dated in the past have told me that it’s a stressfree way of getting some good company and good conversation. Winston was no different he love dating allsorts of girls. When we became an official couple we were both happy to have an open relationship where he was able to date other escorts. I knew that this was something that he had enjoyed and didn’t want to make him stop if he didn’t want to. At the end of the day although maybe for work I still dating other men.


Cheers into our relationship and things are going well however lately Winston has seem to have found a new obsession something that I can’t compete with. He seems to be into anime women. To me the concept of an anime person is one I find difficult to get my head around. I don’t understand how men would find a cartoon drawing which isn’t even life like attractive. But Winston seems to be head over heels for this new phase and fantasy. He’s even asked me to wear make-up and dress up like the anime women on TV which I think is ridiculous. Since making my feelings known to Winston about his new fetish we have grown apart a little bit and he seems to be sneaking off and spending more time on his own and less time with me.


I’m quite an open mind a person like most of the girls from London escorts the problem I’ve got is I just don’t know how to compete with a fictional drawing. I don’t want to lose Winston but I feel like he is slipping away from me.

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