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Before you settle down with your Lewisham escort  

Many people frequently asked what's the best age, days, year to get marry? I have heard this question multiple times, but the answer is in the right time. I believe there is no such date to marry someone; it could be today, tomorrow or whenever you want. Society, parents or relatives are pressuring the couple to get married. The date doesn't define the success of the marriage, but it must be based on the love you had and how strong you are. Many couples went wrong since they are stress with people forcing them to settle down. Marriage is a serious matter, and you have to be ready enough. I am with my long-time partner who is a Lewisham escort from and planning to get married soon. Here are five signs to consider before you settle down with your Lewisham escort:


  1. Stable income

Marriage is not about love at all; you should have an excellent salary to sustain your daily needs. Studies show that married couples number one cause of arguments is money, they fight over food, house, necessities, etc. Money can be a source of break up and cannot fix by love. As you both grow older and have children the more essential the role of the money. And that's why before you decide, be wise.


  1. Good relationship

Remember that you had thought it many times, so that you will never regret your decision. You have to balance the love and connection you have if it is worth for a lifetime or not. You had to evaluate yourself and your partner if you are compatible with each other. Imagine yourself with your partner and look how your life can be. Remember that you have to build a good relationship before you go to the next level.


  1. Savings

Do you ever wonder that having saving before marriage is important?  Yes, because it will save you from a sudden emergency. You also have to consider that in the first month of your wedding can be spending since there are lots of stuff to buy. And you had to be ready for that certain expenses.


  1. A house

I believe that if you already own a home can be a sign of settling down since it only lacks for a family. It's essential to have your own than renting; it's add-on your expenses.


  1. LOVE

You decide to marry because of one aim to love each other forever. Always marry the person that let your heart skips and not stop. Love should still be at the center of your life since it's your source of oxygen to keep the relationship alive.


Never be pressured by society since they won't help you during your struggles. People only talk without thinking and don't be fooled by their stupidity.

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